Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Basement Finishing Ideas

Do you consider yourself lucky for having a basement? If not, then you should. I really wish I had a basement that I could decorate and turn into a really great room. Instead I have something really horrible and it's way too shallow to use. It's barely big enough to crawl in. There are so many things that I would do if I had a basement. I have been considering building my own house that way I could have a really great basement. Looking around for basement ideas though hasn't been easy. I'm really struggling to find any basement finishing ideas. Does anyone out there have any basement design ideas they would like to share?

Searching the internet hasn’t come up with many ideas I really like. I have comes across a few but I would've thought the quality would have been better. I thik there is way too much waffling about basement finishing ideas and not enough solid advice. I like to have detailed explanations that are interesting and also useful. Photos would be great too. Having some photos showing how other people have finished their basements would just be amazing.

Because of the lack of help on the internet I have decided to do a bit of my own thinking when it comes to designing a basement. I don't know if I'll ever have the chance to own a basement but I like to dream anyway. I have been doing a lot of researching on the subject of home improvements because we are currently renovating our home. I like the idea of having a moden house with all the mod cons. It looks like this might cost a lot of money though and I certainly don't have a lot of it about. However it is said that building your own home is much cheaper than buying one already built, you do have a lot of hassles dealing with builders and suppliers but in the end you get what you are looking for.

I'm not sure why I have such an obsession with decorating a basement. I suppose because they are simply so useful. You can do all sorts of things with a basement. The only trouble is deciding what to do because I don't suppose it will be big enough to do everything. I've decided to make a list of all the things I would like to do with a basement, so then I can choose what is most important to me.

Games Room – I have always enjoyed playing pool but haven't played it in years. I think that having a pool table would be great which is set up all the time and I can play it whenever I like. I remember when I was a kid the floors in our house weren't perfectly straight. This resulted in the pool table being squint and we had real trouble getting the balls lined up properly. They kept moving to one side.

Music Room – I love music but if you have neigbours it can be difficult to have the music at the volume you like. I hear that basements are great for music rooms because they are underground and sound doesn't travel so much. However basement acoustic linings are advisable to help with sound insulation even more.

Wine Cellar – OK, this isn't probably something that I would actually do but I love to see wine cellars. There's something so romantic about them. It's a bit like a kid in a candy store but it's full of wine for adults. I do like a drink of wine now and again but I know very little about them. However I am learning all the time when I have the time.

Photo Studio – I used to sell jewelry on the internet and had to do my own photography. I always wished I would have my own studio so I could have it all set up perfectly. I was using natural daylight but it would drive me nuts because the sun would go behind the clouds all the time making it too dark. Or the sun would come out really bright and I couldn't take photos because the shadows were too harsh.

Exercise Gym – I used to love exercising but I found that the local gyms where I moved to aren't as good as the old place I went to. I don't see the point in paying a mothly membership fee for a gym I don't like. Instead I would like to have my own home gym. The only thing is that I would prefer to have open views of my garden as I think this would be great.

Sorry for rambling, I just need to get my obsession with basements out of my system. I don't why I am the way I am. Perhaps I just don't like where I a living and am escaping somewhere else. I hope that this post was of some use to you but I get the feeling I've just bored you to death about my basement finishing ideas.


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